Monday, 27 January 2014

Dungeon World - Playbooks and base classes list

A growing list of alternate base classes in playbook format, where available.
Not all the classes are in their final version.
WIP, I will keep the page updated. Feel free to notify me of missing material.


  • Artificer by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Creator of magical items (Eberron inspired)
  • Bard by  David Guyll (commercial) - Alternate playbook for the traditional class
  • Cavalier by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Mounted  Knight, needs mounted combat rules
  • Cloack by Damian Jankowski (free) -  Monstrous hunter in the shadows
  • Dreamcaster by James Gibson (free) - Chases down dreams, delivering the good ones to kids and keeping the bad ones from going about their business.
  • Gnome by  Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • The Goblin by Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Grave Knight by Giovanni Lanza (free) - A Knight sworn to serve Death
  • Hobgoblin by Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Living Star by Melissa Fisher & David Guyll (commercial) - You look human, but burn with the power of a star
  • Mage by Jacob Randolph (free, sample for commercial set) - Alternative magic using class
  • Orc by Adrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Princess by Michael Atlin (free) - Disney style princess (or prince)
  • Psion by Sergio Rodriguez & Alexander Davis (free) - D&D inspired psionicist
  • Psychic by Alex Barret (free) - A generalist psychic with mind reading, card reading, spirit contact
  • Skeleton by David Guyll (commercial) - Necromantic experiment, soul that escaped Death, something else?
  • Shifter by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Shapechanger fighting with his inner beast (Eberron inspired)
  • Slayer by (?) (free) - Van Helsing style monster hunter
  • Slewfoot by  Damian Jankowski (free) - Genius detective
  • Vampire by David Guyll (commercial) - Does it really need to be explained?
  • Vancomancer by David Guyll (commercial) - Wizard variant more in line with Jack Vance's The Dying Earth

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