Thursday 20 November 2014

Dungeon World - Class Warfare Specialties

Additional specialties that can be used with the Class Warfare custom class creation supplement by Johnstone Metzger.


  • Godling by James Etheridge (free)
    For some, belief in the gods is a matter of faith. For others, it's a matter of fact. For you.... well, have you ever met a human who didn't believe in humans?
  • Herald of the Beast Monarch by Tim Frankze (free)
    The stalking wolf, the trusty dog, the scavenging hyena - they are all just weaker effigies of the first canid, the Beast Monarch of Wolfs. The Beasts Monarch are primeval ancestors of all living things and you are their servant. They allow you to take their form and remind everyone about their power.


  • Arcane Archer by Tim Frankze (free)
    Some fire arrows, others fire bullets or darts. They might throw javelins or knifes. You my friend - you shoot Magic.

  • Spontaneous Caster by James Etheridge (free)
    To some, magic is an exact science, with replicable results and known lists of spells that the most devoted might learn with the proper diligence. But for you, magic is a thing that lives, breathes and changes. It has its limits, as all things do, but through those constraints you find unrivaled flexibility, like writing a sonnet. Some call it dangerous and unpredictable, and hey, maybe they’re right–but if you wanted a safe recipe book, you wouldn’t be you.


  • Berserker by Peter Johansen (free)
    A fire burns within your heart. Something in your blood boils. Your muscles harden like iron, and a red haze comes over your vision. When swords are crossed, there’s no rational thought left within you. Only fury. Only destruction.

Monday 27 January 2014

Dungeon World - Playbooks and base classes list

A growing list of alternate base classes in playbook format, where available.
Not all the classes are in their final version.
WIP, I will keep the page updated. Feel free to notify me of missing material.


  • Artificer by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Creator of magical items (Eberron inspired)
  • Bard by  David Guyll (commercial) - Alternate playbook for the traditional class
  • Cavalier by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Mounted  Knight, needs mounted combat rules
  • Cloack by Damian Jankowski (free) -  Monstrous hunter in the shadows
  • Dreamcaster by James Gibson (free) - Chases down dreams, delivering the good ones to kids and keeping the bad ones from going about their business.
  • Gnome by  Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • The Goblin by Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Grave Knight by Giovanni Lanza (free) - A Knight sworn to serve Death
  • Hobgoblin by Andrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Living Star by Melissa Fisher & David Guyll (commercial) - You look human, but burn with the power of a star
  • Mage by Jacob Randolph (free, sample for commercial set) - Alternative magic using class
  • Orc by Adrew Ferris (free) - Racial character class
  • Princess by Michael Atlin (free) - Disney style princess (or prince)
  • Psion by Sergio Rodriguez & Alexander Davis (free) - D&D inspired psionicist
  • Psychic by Alex Barret (free) - A generalist psychic with mind reading, card reading, spirit contact
  • Skeleton by David Guyll (commercial) - Necromantic experiment, soul that escaped Death, something else?
  • Shifter by Giovanni Lanza (free) - Shapechanger fighting with his inner beast (Eberron inspired)
  • Slayer by (?) (free) - Van Helsing style monster hunter
  • Slewfoot by  Damian Jankowski (free) - Genius detective
  • Vampire by David Guyll (commercial) - Does it really need to be explained?
  • Vancomancer by David Guyll (commercial) - Wizard variant more in line with Jack Vance's The Dying Earth