Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dungeon World - Dungeon Starters and Adventure Starter list

I have been unable to find an up to date version elsewhere, so I decided to prepare a list of the available Dungeon Starters, Adventure Starters, and adventures for DW (WIP, it will be updated as I find them). Feel free to notify me of missing material.

Dungeon Starters

Dungeon Starters are a single sheet preparation tool for starting a Dungeon World game. Dungeon Starters don’t dictate plot, they give a bunch of options with a specific flavour that can serve as a springboard for ideas and  events.

Adventure Starters

Adventure Starters are freeform adventures. They contain a small number of connected situations that are more detailed than a Dungeon Starter. They can be used for an evening or two of gaming, and may or may not contain Fronts. 


In this category will be placed bigger adventures or the ones that are structured in a more traditional style. 


Microfronts are basic Fronts that have been trimmed down to their most essential core. They serve the same role that a single scripted encounter serve in traditional RPGs.


  1. You are missing the following adventures. All have been released to the Dungeon World Tavern so a quick search should lead you to them.

    Adventure - Adventures in Planes and Time.pdf
    Adventure - DCC 79.5 - Tower of the Black Pearl.pdf
    Adventure - Krampus in Dungeon World.docx
    Adventure - The Purple Worm Graveyard.pdf
    Adventure - Thornburg.pdf
    Adventure - Ziggurat of the Sun Princess.pdf

  2. I reckon it's also worth mentioning Johnstone Metzger's adventures:
    (scroll down a bit)